A brief history of Epping Rugby Club

EPPING RUGBY CLUB – A  Brief History



·        The precursor for the club that we know today was founded in 1960 which was mainly due to the perseverance of Ray Pagett (with the assistance of others)

·        Gil Taylor was the founding president

·        Life members of the Club are recognised for their service to the Club in an official capacity over a ten year period.  This exceptional group of people include:- N Andrews, D Aubin, B Castleman, R Davies, D Dickson, R Eagle, R Fraser, W McConnell, R Taylor, B Tosswill, M Tosswill, J Tosswill, R Tosswill, R Tumminello, R Pagett, R Breckenridge, R Davies, A Mostyn, L Spark, J Adam, B Skuodas, O Skuodas, H Wheatley, Bob Shields

·        The Club’s first coaches included Jack Ferguson, Jack Fordham and Ron McDonald

·        The Club’s executive used to hold meetings at the Epping School of Arts Centre and behind a washing machine repair shop in Oxford Street, Epping before Somerville Oval was completed

·        The Club began in 1960 with only three teams, U 9’s, U10’s and the U11’s ( younger players all played in the U 9’s - by 1966 there were six teams in operation

·        Teams in the original competition included Holy Cross, St Gariels, Pennant Hills, West Ryde, Ashfield, St Michaels and Dundas.  Participating districts included Eastwood, North Harbour and West Harbour

·        The Club was able to secure Somerville Oval from the Council following an arrangement with the local area’s hockey and soccer clubs however it  was not yet completed when the Club began so most games were held at other fields

·        The Club’s players were responsible for the laying of the turf and the positioning of fences at Somerville Oval as well as the erection of the mini’s field in the 60’s and 70’s

·        The first representative player for the Club was Ross Lynch

·        The Club developed a large following during the next 10 years which was due mainly to the population growth in the area especially from North Epping

·        The Club has since its conception toured extensively to Victoria, South Australia, Bowral, New Zealand to name but a few with tours in the 60’s and 70’s including a “father’s game”

·        The Club remains very community minded with many and varied fund raising events which have been very well supported by the Club

·        The Epping sub district team was formed in 1974 with 14 players

·        The Club has been well represented at the senior international level by Mick Mathers, Brett Papworth, Steve Tuynman, Ian Williams, Matt Burke, Shaun Mooney  and Matt Mostyn (Ireland)

·        Epping Juniors have also been extremely successful at all representative levels

·        Epping Rugby currently boasts over 200 mini and junior players and around 70 seniors is the 2nd largest Juniors club in the Eastwood District


This brief history has been compiled with the assistance of W McConnell and R Tumminello. All errors and omissions are the authors.

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